Rick Scott Gave A Speech At CPAC That Was So Off The Rails That The Audience Stopped Clapping

CPAC has become the far right’s gathering place, but Sen. Rick Scott was so out there that he lost the audience.


The clip of Scott begins with him talking about being canceled, which is typical far-right culture war red meat, and it got a mild sort of bored applause, but then Scott started talking about socialism, and things went downhill fast.

Scott said, “Socialism’s not a new idea. It’s one of the dumbest, oldest, most discredited ideas of the 20th Century that resulted in the deaths of 100 million people.”

Scott paused for applause, and nothing.

Sen. Scott said, “These Democrats who have no idea how the real world works are acting like they just invented socialism. (Pause for applause, and nothing).

Scott continued, “The modern wacky left Democrat has never read George Orwell. They don’t know that they are making his predictions come true. Let’s be clear, what the militant left is now proposing is not simply wrong it is evil.”

By this time, Scott has totally lost the audience.

Rick Scott is in charge of the national Senate Republican campaign effort. After listening to his remark, it is clear that it was his idea to run ads attacking Democratic Senate candidates for being socialists all across the country.

The problem is that the message is so boring that even the CPAC wasn’t buying it.

If Republicans fail to win control of the Senate, it will be for numerous reasons, but one of the big ones will be that screaming socialism all day long is a losing strategy.


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