Hunter Biden’s Business Partner, Devon Archer, Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Defrauding an Indian Tribe

(Above with Devon Archer on the left and Joe and Hunter Biden on the right.)

Hunter Biden’s Business partner, Devon Archer, was sentenced to a year in prison for his actions related to defrauding a Native Indian tribe. 

Hunter Biden had close ties with a company that ran a fraudulent $60million scheme – for which his best friend has now been sentenced – emails obtained by reveal.

Devon Archer, who has been close to the Bidens for decades, was sentenced to one year behind bars on Monday for his role in a complex scheme to defraud a Native American tribe.

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Archer, 47, appeared for his sentencing hearing at the Thurgood Marshall US Courthouse in Lower Manhattan, where Judge Ronnie Abrams also ordered him to forfeit $15,700,513 and pay $43,427,436 in restitution.

Archer was convicted in 2018 alongside two of his business partners in the Burnham Financial Group for defrauding the Oglala Sioux Indian tribe out of the proceeds of bond sales.

During the trial it emerged that Hunter’s name was used in literature promoting the scheme and was named as a witness.

We reported over the weekend that Hunter Biden and his business partner Devon Archer were involved in numerous questionable activities and even fraudulent activities.  Some of these activities have led to the mess that is going on in Ukraine right now.

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Hunter Biden and Devon Archer were partners in crime in Ukraine.  That’s why Ukraine is a mess today.

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