“The Game” Everyone’s Playing this Christmas

With Donald Trump seeking the presidency again in 2024, it’s more important than ever to know the facts about what really happened in 2020 — especially since the Left used the same playbook in 2022 in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada.

As seen on the War Room with Steve Bannon, “Election 2020, You Decide” sets the record straight.

Leaders including Dr. Peter Navarro, David Clements, and Frank Gaffney declare the board game a “must-have” for every household in America.

John Solomon summed it up best as “The Babylon Bee Meets Trivial Pursuit.”

The hilarious, interactive board game, “Election 2020, You Decide,” exposes the fake Russia Hoax, COVID lies, Hunter’s laptop, and the complicity of Mainstream Media and Big Tech (plus, ordering through this link and the links below benefits the Gateway Pundit).

TRENDING: “It is in the Public Interest to Appoint a Special Counsel” – LIVE-STREAM VIDEO: Merrick Garland Announces Jack Smith as Special Counsel Against President Trump 3 Days After Announcing His 2024 Bid for President

Play it with your liberal relatives — and watch their heads explode!

This game is a must-have Christmas gift for the 2022 holidays. The perfect gift for the difficult-to-buy-for relative or friend and a truly educational, laugh-out-loud gift for your liberal friends!

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